Monday, 4 May 2015

Studio Snoop: Patrick Woodroffe (Falmouth Art Gallery)

Last month Falmouth Art Gallery had an interesting exhibition on about Patrick Woodroffe, an artist with strong links to the gallery and Falmouth.  Within the exhibition the curators had re-created Woodroffe's studio.  They invited us to come and have a snoop, however we've decided (as we couldn't ask Patrick himself about his work) to let the pictures do the talking.  

Following the path of the exhibition, here begins our strangest studio snoop to date.... 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Patrick Woodroffe.

How his desk would have looked on a working day. You may not be able to see in this image the ultra fine points of the pencils.

Woodroffe made his easil himself as he couldn't find one that suited his needs

To do lists are an interesting insight into his organisational process

There is a lot of wit and humour in Wodroffe's work

Woodroffe was perhaps the first painter to make use of the 'tomograph' process 

Believe  it or not, the picture on the right is a painting; Woodroffe was well known for his intensly detailed work

Close up of a larger work (and quite possibly our favourite from the exhibition)

He also created a lot of etchings, drawing everything, including text, in reverse 

An artist through and through, his wife came home one day to find her trainers preserved in resin

Woodroffe would have displays of interesting objects (that often appeared in his paintings) in his studio

A doll from one of the displays

Another interesting insight into the mind of Patrick Woodroffe, collecting found coins

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